Happy Makrasankranti!

We got to spend the first two days of our second week in the school celebrating a holiday called Makrasankranti. At the city school on Monday we had a shortened class schedule and spent the last few hours of the day learning about this special holiday. Makrasankranti is the day that the earth begins it’s northern journey around the sun and the days begin to get longer (the winter solstice). On this day the people of India celebrate by eating treats made of sesame seeds, enjoying sweets, and dressing in beautiful dresses. This holiday is not only celebrated in Maharashtra, but all over India. The kids taught us a new phrase “Tighul ghya goda goda bola” which means eat sweet, talk sweet. On Tuesday the kids at the city school had a day off, so we got to spend our day at the residential school attending their assembly and catching up on school work. Going along with our “eat sweet, talk sweet” phrase for the day we were served a sweet treat with every meal and even gifted some by teachers or students.

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