The 5th Grade

Last week, we spent a couple days at the Anubhuti City School going around to every classroom to see what it was like. While I loved every room I went into, something about the fifth grade kept pulling me back in. I decided that this would be the best fit for me and that I wanted to spend the rest of my time here in this classroom. Teachers are called “Akka” and we are called “Didi,” which means “respected sister.” So for my fifth graders, they call me “Didi Abbi.” I have spent many of my first days observing the classroom and trying to learn the names of my 30 kids, and trust me, they are not easy names! The kids have welcomed me with contagious smiles and always want to show me the work they have done. A couple of my students brought gifts (earrings and bindis) for me to school with hand written notes and envelopes. The whole school had testing this past week so we were able to spend time talking with some of the teachers and seeing pictures of their family. Each day is something new and I am so excited to get to know each of these kiddos and more of the teachers at the school!


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