Happy Republic Day!

Happy Republic Day here in India! We woke up early this morning to head to school for the celebration that the kids prepared all week for. You could see the excitement on their faces when we arrived at school wearing the colors of their flag. We began the celebration with the release of the Indian flag tightly rolled up. The flag pole is in the center of the courtyard of the school and the staircase leading up to it was decorated with beautiful flowers and decorations done by the teachers and students. When the flag was opened, flowers fell to the ground and students began saluting while singing their national anthem. The morning was filled with dances, songs, skits, and speeches performed by each grade. We were able to watch each of the grades practicing their performances throughout the week. It was so fun to see how far they came in just the week they had to learn them! We continue to learn more about the history of their culture through all of the different celebrations we are getting to see! Just for today, we traded in the red, white, and blue for the orange, white, and green!


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