Ajanta Caves

On Saturday, we went to the Ajanta Caves which are about an hour and half drive from here in Jalgaon. The ride was EXTREMELY bumpy as almost every road in India seems to be getting redone at the same time. On the way, we stopped at the Jain Farmlands to eat lunch and take a tour of their campus that includes a College for Agriculture. After lunch, we drove another ten minutes before arriving at the caves! We spent about an hour and half going through the caves and climbing up and down the plethora of stairs and hills. There were 26 caves, but we only stopped in to about 10 of them as many are very similar. This is an extremely popular attraction for many people in India and any of its visitors. We are glad we were able to go see them, and it was also nice to mix up our daily routine a little bit! You would have thought we were famous with how many times we were stopped to try and take pictures. Before we left, we did some shopping in a little area by the entrance of the caves and practiced our bartering skills while trying to find gifts to bring home to our friends and family. On the way out, we grabbed an ice cold, Diet Coke for the road!


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