Home Visits

This week we were able to visit the homes of some of the kids in our classes. Seeing these homes allows us to experience more of the culture, create better relationships with the kids, and see what our kids face on a daily basis that can heavily affect what is going on in the classroom. Every single kid wanted us to come to their home to meet their parents and see where they lived. We put the names of some of kids we’ve become the closest to on a list and the principal made the final decisions. Some of the homes we visited were a room smaller than the size of a bedroom. Most of the families had 4-6 members and the room contained a sofa, stovetop, some storage, and a faucet for the washroom. Teachers told us more of the child’s background – which family members they were living with, why some of their parents weren’t there, the passing of parents, etc. Each family greeted us with tea or coffee and many with snacks as well. They were so excited and proud to welcome us into their home. These are some of the happiest people I’ve ever met, it’s absolutely amazing. The home visits were some of the longest days but they were also some of the best. This final part of our time with the kids really brought us full circle. We’ve seen how selfless, inspiring, and resilient these kiddos are despite daily challenges and what little they have.

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