time flies when you’re having fun

On our last day at school one of my girls said to me “how lucky I am to have met someone that makes saying goodbye so hard” and I could not agree more. Our last day was such a special day filled with an extreme amount of love. Before heading over to the school we went to one of the teachers homes and got all dressed up in sarees and bengals. After we got all ready were then on our way to school. We were greeted with the biggest smiles and many small gifts and cards from our students. Later in the day a program took place and we were able to share about our experience, show a short video we had made, and express our gratitude for the wonderful hospitality we had experienced. After we were done with our presentation some kids from each of our classes said a few things about us (which may or may not have caused some tears). Having to say goodbye to all of the students and teachers I have been able to build relationships with during our time in Jalgaon was so dang hard. Over the past six weeks I have been able to learn so much about indian culture, meet some of the most amazing people, and grow as a future educator. The love that we were shown here was overwhelming. This place, and these people, are something that will always hold a very special place in my heart.


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