Wedding #2!!

We spent our last Sunday in Jalgoan going to see a nearby village and attend our second Indian wedding. This wedding was for a relative of one of the teachers that we have been lucky to get to know well during our time here. Before the wedding we went to see her home and a nearby temple. We really enjoyed getting to learn more about how the people in Jalgaon live their day to day lives outside of school. After seeing these places we headed over to the location where the wedding would begin and enjoyed some music and dancing before the actual ceremony. Being able to attend another wedding and see other Indian traditions was so awesome. The bride and groom for this wedding were from a different part of India than those of the first wedding so we got to experience two completely different ceremonies. Also for this wedding we had the chance to get dressed up in traditional Indian dresses and sarees along with lots of jewelry. What a great way to end our weekend!

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