Class 4!

After spending a few days getting used to the school and meeting hundreds of students, I settled on a class to spend my time with. This was a tough decision, as every class was so much fun, but ultimately, I felt pulled towards class 4. I have 28 students, and I think I finally have all of their names down! They are all 10-11 years old, and absolutely full of energy. After being in the class for only a short time, it is easy to see that the kids here are not so different from kids in the United States. They each have their own dynamic personalities that I have really enjoyed getting to know. All of them, though, are so, so sweet. I already know it is going to be incredibly difficult to say goodbye.

My kids spend most of their day in their classroom learning subjects like Social Studies, English, Environmental Science, Math, Marathi, and Hindi. Many of my kids’ favorite period of the day, though, is sports, when they get to go down into the open field and play games. Their favorites are mostly variations of what we would call tag. Every time they play, they beg me to join, but then get very concerned and try to make sure I am careful and run very slow. They also love to show off their skills on the monkey bars! It really never ceases to amaze me how much these children love to learn. They are constantly asking so many questions about anything and everything. They love hearing about my home and my family. They also really enjoy learning American poems, songs, and games. I am so excited to get to know these wonderful kids better and better and to continue to share with them as they have already shared so much with me!

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