Market to Market

On Friday we got the chance to go out with a couple of teachers from the school and go shopping. We packed ourselves into an auto (Indian taxi) and headed out to a variety of local shops. Our first stop was at the mall, which ended up being very similar to ones that we have back in the United States. After visiting a couple of stores in the mall we headed out to get softees, which are similar to ice cream cones, and then were on our way to the market. On the ride from the mall to the market I got to ride with one of the teachers on her bike. It was kind of scary at first, but then ended up being really fun when I started to relax and enjoy it more. While at the market they took us to a few different shops where we were able to see a variety of jewelry and clothes. All four of us ended up purchasing some jewelry and other little gifts to bring back home for our friends and family. It was so great being able to get out in the city more and shop and experience more of the culture.


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